Combine the power of speech recognition with machine translation to achieve robust subtitling, API ready pipelines in a matter of minutes.


bench performance|latency|availability


bench performance|latency|availability

“We love to create products that allow members to quickly find and implement AI solutions without compromising their creativity along the way.”

Ahmad Sawaf

Product Manager, aiXplain

Multilingual, benchmark supported, MT options for all of your subtitling needs

aiXplain will connect you with the right models and/or specialists to help you succeed in every aspect of AI development. We created the place where all AI language service assets are built on a platform powered by hundreds of vetted AI/ML specialists, and a model comparison tool to help you benchmark all of our provider’s solutions. Use the AI designer to build-out pipelines with competitive sourcing tools for AI components and models, all in one place.

Understand model improvement areas

aiXplain provided benchmarking assessments highlight areas of improvements for AI vendors, enabling them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses as they strive for continuous improvement.

Continuously monitor for potential issues

Members will also receive the additional benefit of continuously monitoring their models for issues that could be impacting customers allowing them to be debugged before the customer notices.

Benchmark: [MT]

BLEU, CLSSS, COMET_QE, cased, punctuated, COMET_QE, cased, not punctuated, COMET_QE, uncased, punctuated, COMET_QE, uncased, not punctuated

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