The most effortless evaluation and diagnosis tool.

Diagnose AI systems by continuously measuring and comparing their performance.
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Benchmark provides an easy and fast way to evaluate the performance of AI systems based on user-defined performance metrics. Start a job within seconds and create an accurate, comprehensive, and interactive report that allows you to diagnose and compare AI systems continuously and efficiently.

How Benchmark works in 4 simple steps

  • Configure
  • Run
  • Analyze
  • Iterate
Configure your Benchmark

Populate your evaluation dataset, models, metrics, and other configurations to prepare your job.

Run the job

Start the Benchmark job with a click of a button.

Analyze the report

Diagnose the performance of the models through the Benchmark report generated.


Rerun Benchmark jobs to monitor model changes or create a new job to evaluate models with different metrics and datasets.

Supported functions in Benchmark

Speech recognition
Offensive language identification
Sentiment analysis

Benefits of Benchmark

Start benchmarking instantly

Create a Benchmark job in a single step with our no-code user-friendly interface.

Continuous feedback

You don’t have to wait until the Benchmark job is complete to view the report. You can check the report at any time.

Comprehensive reporting

Obtain easy-to-interpret granular insights on the performance of models for quality, latency, footprint, cost, and bias with interactive Benchmark reports.


Benchmark offers the most cost-optimized evaluation tool in the market with no required subscription. Pay for each report generated individually with no commitment.

Advanced filtering

Reports are equipped with advanced filtering options to provide better insights for your models.

Derive datasets

Generate derivative datasets based on your specified filters to analyze the data further.

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