Revolutionizing Child Education with Advanced AI

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  • Industry E-Learning
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    • High-speed LLMs
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Unlike command-based interfaces used by voice assistants, Moxie engages in dynamic, free-flowing conversations that require swift, intelligent responses. Our partnership with aiXplain is pioneering advancements to ensure that our LLMs deliver fluid and believable interactions, bridging the gap between digital companionship and the intuitive ease of human conversation.

Paolo Pirjanian, CEO

Embodied, Inc., a visionary leader in the realm of interactive and educational technology, has consistently demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the holistic development of children. At the forefront of this dedication stands their flagship creation, Moxie Robot, which represents far more than just an AI companion. Emboldened by a mission to foster the emotional and intellectual growth of young minds, Embodied continues to expand the abilities of Moxie Robot. This quest for excellence led them to explore innovative collaborations and partnerships, ultimately culminating in a groundbreaking alliance with aiXplain.


The formidable challenge that Embodied faced was aligning the need to expand Moxie’s capabilities with the current limitations of Large Language Models (LLMs). These LLMs had extremely long inference times, rendering them impractical for integration into a robot designed to interact with children. This limitation directly impeded the robot’s capacity to engage in the fluid and natural conversations that were essential to fulfilling its purpose.


aiXplain took a pivotal step by hosting a Large Language Model (LLM) on the Groq LPU™ Inference Engine, recognized as the fastest language processing accelerator on the market. This innovative move allowed aiXplain to offer this service as a streaming solution tailored for Embodied.


The collaboration addressed this challenge and had a transformative impact. Embodied’s robot, Moxie, gained substantial added value for its customers. This achievement was underpinned by the efficient reduction of operational costs. Additionally, it opened up new possibilities for Embodied to expand its range of robot offerings beyond general speech-related tasks, marking a notable shift in its potential domains of application.


Embodied, Inc. realized significant benefits from the joint solution, leveraging both aiXplain’s robust AI platform and marketplace and the collaborative partnership between the two companies. The strong synergies and combined solution from Embodied and aiXplain delivered significant operational enhancements and a rewarding user experience for kids as they interacted with Moxie.

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