Hello, I’m Bel Esprit! Your personal AI solution architect.

Bel Esprit is a Generative AI chat agent that transforms ideas, expressed in natural language, into sophisticated AI solutions, guiding users from conception to deployment, in minutes.

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What if prototyping AI was as simple as using natural language?

More than an AI chatbot. AI, your way.

A leap in making AI development accessible.

From ideation to deployment, experience Bel Esprit’s seamless blend of simplicity, power, and intuitive communication. No more tedious processes or waiting for weeks. Just your ideas, transformed into AI solutions, instantly.

Rapid building

Craft AI solutions from a mere description in minutes, no expertise required.

Guided tailoring

Customize with your own data, guided in every step from conception to deployment.

Instant deployment

Integrate into existing codebases, and deploy instantly.

The canvas for AI-driven problem-solving.

A gateway allowing any creator to transform their ideas into optimized AI solutions.

Bel Esprit uses natural language understanding (NLU) to analyze your ideas, extract requirements, and select the right AI modules for your solution. Integrating Generative AI with Knowledge Graph, and a boasting repository for over 35,000+ AI models, Bel Esprit allows you to architect limitless AI possibilities. Access to plug-and-play AI modules and aiXplain’s no-code Benchmark and FineTune products ensures that the architected solution is as robust as it is innovative.

Intelligent innovation for your business.

Your AI partner turning your domain expertise into actionable intelligence.

From customer engagement tools to data analysis platforms, language management solutions, and beyond. No matter what your use case is, you don’t need to be an AI specialist. Bel Esprit augments your domain knowledge with AI expertise, guiding you from conception to deployment while explaining every step. It is like having a seasoned AI architect at your fingertips, ready to bring your ideas to life.

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