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We offer a unified set of world-class tools and assets for a seamless conversion of ideas into production-ready AI solutions.Assisted by Bel Esprit, your AI solution architect.
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Meet Bel Esprit, your AI solution architect!

Experience a guided journey of AI solution development through our platform.

Benefits of our platform

Faster AI production

Shortest path from idea to production: Proof of concept in minutes, tailored solution in days

Open marketplace

Access to 35,000+ ready-to-use AI models, LLMs, and datasets by more than 50 suppliers

Seamless integration

AI solution served in a single API endpoint, integrable to any codebase with zero friction

Build, deploy, and scale AI solutions. All in one platform, one API.

Build and deploy end-to-end custom Generative AI solutions on our unified platform, skipping the hassle of tool fragmentation and platform-switching. Launch your next AI solution through a single API endpoint.

Need a Proof-of-Concept?

Save weeks of discovery, design, development and testing. Get it in minutes!