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aiXplain’s innovative no-code platform makes building tailored AI solutions easier and faster for businesses across all domains.

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Welcome to aiXplain, where we empower motivated professionals with cutting-edge AI to enhance operational efficiency and drive product innovation. What drives us is simple: to make AI accessible to every business practitioner, from beginners to experts, and to foster a community where creativity meets technology.

Our platform is designed to support AI initiatives at every stage. This process begins by simply prompting aiXplain with a written business goal, instantly setting a proposed solution into motion that identifies and assembles the necessary components for your specific use case. To further support your project, our platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services, including pre-trained models, datasets, benchmarking, fine-tuning, and an open API, among others.

At the heart of aiXplain lies our dynamic marketplace, a vibrant center of AI innovation. Here, developers and suppliers present their cutting-edge assets for commercial use. Thanks to our rigorous curation and standardization process, you can trust that every asset available is optimized for seamless integration and operational superiority. Our marketplace is designed with your confidence in mind, ensuring quality, interoperability, and the ease of upgrades and extensions. Create a solution pipeline from the best models (benchmarked of course!) across multiple vendors and get a single invoice; we take care of the back end.

aiXplain is more than a platform; it’s a partner in your AI journey. We’re dedicated to transforming ambitious AI concepts into practical applications that deliver immediate business value and future growth.

Let’s get your AI initiatives out of the lab and into the field, together!

Meet our CEO

Hassan Sawaf has 25+ years of experience in employing cutting-edge technologies for mission-critical business operations. He has founded and led several companies and organizations in the AI domain, such as Meta (formerly Facebook), AWS, and eBay. Currently, as the founder of aiXplain, he is on a mission to deeply democratize AI by making it accessible to businesses and individuals alike, while ensuring equitable and fair benefits to everyone involved.

Company timeline

A brief history of aiXplain
  • Founded

  • Pre-seed investment

  • Platform design and core patents

  • Seed investment

  • Platform v1.0 live

  • First customer on platform

  • First revenue on platform

  • 15,000+ assets on platform

  • Platform v2.0 live

  • Break even

  • 1,000+ users and 30,000+ assets on platform

  • Self-serve experience launch

  • Bel Esprit beta launch

  • 40,000+ assets on platform

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