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Message from Hassan Sawaf, our CEO

I believe that AI has the potential to solve many of society’s most pressing problems, but only if it’s made accessible to everyone, which led me to found aiXplain. We at aiXplain are committed to building cutting-edge AI tools that democratize access to this groundbreaking technology, enabling individuals and organizations to harness the power of AI, regardless of their technical expertise.

By joining our team, you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to this mission and help create a more equitable future. Come work with us and be part of the solution to build AI tools that empower everyone.

Life at aiXplain as we know it…

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  • Kamer
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  • Miqdad
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  • Ceren
Inspiring work, spectacular results

I have never worked in a more inspiring and innovative environment. aiXplain makes a real difference in the world and I鈥檓 proud to be a part of it.

Operations 路 San Jose, California

Innovation makes an impact

The passion and drive that everyone brings to the table makes work at aiXplain exciting. I have the privilege to work with a team of great talent and expertise to develop innovative AI solutions that make an impact.

Applied Science 路聽Munich, Germany

Great for taking responsibility

I love that I am able to make important technical and creative decisions in this supportive work environment. It feels great to have the trust and responsibility to do so.

Engineering 路 San Jose, California

An inclusive company culture

I am thrilled to be a part of making AI more accessible through our focus on design and our company culture of equity and inclusivity. I love it when I see a customer realizing how much our tools can empower them.

Product Management 路 San Jose, California

Contributions really matter

I felt heard and trusted from day 1. It made me realize that everything I do counts and that I am truly contributing to the company’s growth and success.

Product Management 路 Toronto, Canada

Dream company for AI professionals

At aiXplain, I build state-of-the-art AI products working with a great infrastructure and a top-tier, multicultural staff. All while living wherever there is a good internet connection.

Applied Science 路 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Surrounded by great people

Being part of a cutting-edge tech company and interacting with many talented people with diverse backgrounds has really sparked my creativity. Honestly, I have never been happier.

Communications 路 San Jose, California

Our principles

Work backwards from the goal
Build long-term impact and value
Be the glue: enable and engage
Be humble, and respect and celebrate diversity
Do the best and what is right in every project
Be clear, concise, and communicative
Seek help, unasked questions have no purpose
Hold yourself then others accountable
Celebrate friendly competition
Invent and simplify
Instill trust
Maintain curiosity

What our interns tell about us…

Being an intern at aiXplain was an eye-opening experience. Working alongside seasoned professionals and scientists challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and taught me invaluable skills in communication and confidence.

Jordyn McDougal Digital Marketing Intern

At aiXplain, talent is picked from various geographical locations and backgrounds, contributing to the diversity of the company. Their expertise and knowledge offer interns the ideal opportunity to learn a range of different things.

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Dwaraknath Gnaneshwar Machine Learning Engineering Intern

aiXplain’s mission to democratize AI is inspiring, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to contribute to such a dynamic and fun environment.

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Nikita Vyas Design Intern

aiXplain provides a space to come in and immerse yourself in AI, whether you’re interested in marketing, business development, engineering, or research. Everyone, regardless of their level of knowledge, has the chance to grow, expand, and become creative in the growing AI industry.

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Catherine Kim Product Marketing Intern

The tight-knit culture of communication across teams gives you the opportunity to hear different perspectives on a particular project and watch the iterative development of a product in real-time.

Salah Alzubi AI/ML Research Intern

Being a Program Management Intern at aiXplain taught me the significance of Progressive Management, leaving an impact with every step of the company’s journey. I hold myself accountable for my work and embrace the challenge of managing complex projects.

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Miqdad Eldali Program Management Intern