Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is aiXplain?

    aiXplain is a no-code/low-code AI IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with a marketplace, enabling users to quickly develop, manage, benchmark, deploy, and experiment with AI assets.

  • Why should I use aiXplain?

    aiXplain makes AI accessible by removing the complexities of building and using AI solutions without the need for any machine learning or coding experience. Whether you are looking to seamlessly integrate Artificial Intelligence into your work or you want to provide AI assets or AI expertise to our growing community, aiXplain is the right place for you.

  • What are AI assets on aiXplain?

    AI assets represent resources which are utilized with various tools on aiXplain, some of those AI assets can be found in aiXplain‘s Discover. Here is a list of all the types of AI assets on aiXplain:

    • Model: A program that takes an input and generates meaningful output based on its intended function.
    • Corpus: A collection of structured and enriched data that can be utilized to serve various AI functions.
    • Dataset: Structured data which is ready-to-use for a specific AI function.
    • Benchmark: An extensive report for the performance of models which is generated from aiXplain’s Benchmark tool.
    • Pipeline: A connection of AI assets and processes which is designed to solve more complex functions. You can build your own pipeline using aiXplain‘s Design tool.
    • File: Any form of data that can be uploaded into aiXplain which could later be used to create Corpora or Datasets.
  • Does aiXplain require a subscription?

    aiXplain does not require any subscription to become a member or to use its tools.

  • How much does using aiXplain cost?

    aiXplain requires prepaid Credits to start using the AI Assets and tools available. By verifying your phone number you get access to free credits that you can use to try out and test aiXplain‘s capabilities.

  • Can I work with my team on aiXplain?

    You can create a team and invite an unlimited number of members to join. You can create up to 5 teams for each account and you can contact us if you need more teams.

  • Is my data secure and private on aiXplain?

    Yes, absolutely. Your data on aiXplain is only available and accessible to the team it was added to. Your assets will not be published into the marketplace unless you request them to be made public. Datasets and Corpora on aiXplain‘s marketplace can be used by members who own a license to use them. However, they cannot be viewed or downloaded except by the team that owns those assets.

  • Where can I get help?

    You can get help anywhere on aiXplain by reaching out to us through the help widget located at the bottom right of the platform or by contacting us directly at