Enhancing Diagnostic Accuracy: Treatment.com AI’s Integration with aiXplain’s Advanced Healthcare Chatbot

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aiXplain’s platform makes the Treatment AI API plug-and-play. It helps potential customers see the power of the Treatment AI platform and speeds up its installation and use.

Kevin Peterson MD, MPH, FRCS (Ed), FAAFP, Chairman and Chief Medical Officer

Treatment.com AI, a healthcare market disruptor, leverages AI to support clinicians in reaching the most accurate and likely diagnosis for a patient. The platform is powered by its proprietary Global Library of Medicine (GLM), the most comprehensive and integrated online medical library powered by AI. The platform has been developed over many years and validated through a global network of hundreds of clinicians, and using curated AI, is constantly updated using a combination of machine learning and clinical peer review. The platform has more than 1,000 diseases and over 10,000 symptoms and risk factors. In healthcare, the need for precise, accurate, and quick diagnosis is critical, but professionals face challenges with the vast medical data and urgent symptom interpretation. AI integration in diagnostics is key.


The challenge is to provide a solution that can effectively generate accurate medical diagnoses, often from user-provided symptoms. This solution must navigate complex medical terminology and accurately interpret complex findings, requiring sophisticated interaction capabilities to collect comprehensive data and align it with expert medical case databases.


The solution is to develop a platform that can support healthcare professionals and effectively generate medical diagnoses from user-provided symptoms, signs, physician exam results, and supportive laboratory information (lab tests). Such a solution must navigate complex medical terminology and accurately interpret symptoms, requiring sophisticated interaction capabilities to collect comprehensive symptom data and align it with expert medical case databases.

  • Initial query handling: Patients begin by asking health-related questions.
  • Follow-up queries: The chatbot, powered by LLM, intelligently generates follow-up questions to gather more detailed symptom information.
  • Information supplementation: When additional crucial information is needed, the chatbot prompts users to provide it.
  • Symptom processing and diagnosis generation: Using the data provided, clinicians consult Treatment.com AI’s extensive medical database to generate accurate diagnoses and recommended tests.
  • Feedback integration: It then incorporates user responses and results from Treatment.com AI’s comprehensive database to assist the provider in improving the accuracy and precision of their diagnosis.


This AI-powered approach can significantly enhance the accuracy and speed of medical diagnosis. It provides a supportive tool for healthcare providers to quickly interpret symptoms and make informed decisions, thereby improving patient outcomes and healthcare efficiency.


aiXplain’s AI solution demonstrates how advanced LLM technologies can be used for language and underpinned by accredited clinical governance for diagnostics or therapeutics, can be effectively utilized in the medical field to support healthcare professionals in making a correct diagnosis. By bridging the gap between complex medical data and user-friendly interfaces, it paves the way for more accurate, efficient, and reliable patient diagnosis.

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