Better-performing custom-made models, less training time.

Customize pre-trained models to optimize their performance using your data.
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FineTune gives you the ability to customize pre-trained models by tuning it using your data, enhancing its performance. Set-up and start model fine-tuning in seconds with a single step experience. Once fine-tuning is complete the model will be deployed into your assets where it’s ready for you to use.

How FineTune works in 4 simple steps

  • Configure
  • Choose
  • Review
  • Use
Configure your data split

Use the slider to specify your dataset split for training and development. You can also add multiple datasets and specify the split for each individually.

Choose the model to fine-tune

Select the model which supports this feature that you want to fine-tune.

Review and run

Review the price and the summary of the fine-tuning job. After running it, you can monitor the fine-tuning through the logs.

Use the API

Once the fine-tuning is complete you will be notified and the model can be found in your assets where you can try out and integrate.

Supported functions in FineTune

Speech recognition

Benefits of FineTune

Model customization

You don’t have to write any code to create a custom model with enhanced performance using your datasets.

Active monitoring

View the fine-tuning logs to monitor the convergence of the training process of your model.

Less training time

Since FineTune uses transfer learning, you are not training the model from scratch which significantly cuts its training time.

Versatile data splitting

You can add one dataset then specify the split using a slider, or add multiple datasets where you can either use a single slider or split each dataset individually.

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