How aiXplain is Bridging the Gap between AI Applications and High-Speed Infrastructure

At the epicenter of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, theCube spotlighted a unique collaboration between three pioneering Founders and CEOs leading the charge in the AI revolution: Paolo Pirjanian from Embodied, creator of Moxie, the world’s first AI robot for children; Jonathan Rosee from Groq, the mind behind LPUs “Language Processing Units” optimized for LLMs; and Hassan Sawaf from aiXplain, the AI platform that streamlines the process of building solutions from architecture to deployment.

“We’re each representing a different portion of the stack. We – Groq – make models go fast… aiXplain provides the quality and the selection of the models, and with Embodied it’s bringing that magic to the end user. You are starting to see the maturity of AI now. A year ago, I don’t think any of us would’ve known how to find each other,”

– Jonathan Ross, Founder & CEO of Groq

Moxie, an AI robot designed to engage and interact with children, aims to enhance their EQ and IQ. Given this sensitive mission and discerning user base, speed is crucial to foster engagement and interaction between Moxie and the children.

“AI has amazing potential but the interface is reminding us of the early days of computing when you had the hourglass turning and turning, and that does not make for a great user experience. Removing the latency for LLMs, making it respond immediately is what we need and we care about in Embodied because the interaction should feel fluid and natural, and that requires latency,”

– Paolo Pirjanian, Founder & CEO of Embodied

With aiXplain, complex business problems can be transformed into functional AI solutions that leverage a marketplace of nearly 43,000 models from various suppliers and hosted on different infrastructures, including Groq. For Moxie, large language models running on Groq’s top-tier LPUs deployed on aiXplain’s AI platform provide the necessary speed for the best interactive experience between the children and the robot.

As the AI revolution and the rise of LLMs continue, the applications and possibilities appear limitless. This underscores the need for a centralized hub where all the burgeoning AI technologies can be accessed and integrated harmoniously. aiXplain is meeting this need by offering a conduit for businesses to effortlessly design complex AU systems and integrate them into their operations, catering to a market that values agility, responsiveness, and quality.

“Every day we have new technologies coming in, it gets confusing for even us, and that’s the beauty of it, if you have everything in one platform you first Discover it, Benchmark it, FineTune it, and finally deploy it all in the same platform side by side with all the technologies and suppliers, and then it’s easy to switch forward or backward to different systems and pick between different systems for you,”

– Hassan Sawaf, Founder & CEO of aiXplain

Looking ahead, the collaboration between Embodied, Groq, and aiXplain is set to make a lasting impact on the AI landscape. The union of these visionary companies not only enhances child-robot interactions but also signifies a wider industry shift towards more efficient and scalable AI solutions. aiXplain is not just facilitating partnerships; it’s shaping the future of AI collaborations. The synergy between Embodied, Groq, and aiXplain demonstrates the transformative power of collaborative innovation. As we progress, the industry can anticipate a myriad of AI solutions seamlessly integrated into the realm of high-speed computing. At the heart of it all, aiXplain stands as the bridge linking imagination to realization in the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence.