Beyond Big Tech: Why Our CEO Went All-in to Democratizing AI for a Better Future

Hassan Sawaf, founder and CEO of aiXplain, isn’t your typical tech CEO. With over 30 years of experience at industry giants like Meta, Amazon, and eBay, he saw a different future for AI – a future where everyone, not just tech giants, has access to its potential.

In a recent interview with Arabian Business, our founder shared a compelling vision for the future of AI. With over three decades of industry expertise, Hassan’s insights shed light on aiXplain’s mission to democratize AI and make it accessible to all.

Empowering Industries

His interview underscores the transformative potential of AI across various sectors, particularly in healthcare and retail. By leveraging AI, we aim to revolutionize research, decision-making, and performance, setting new standards for responsible AI governance along the way.

AI and Humanity

Contrary to common fears, our CEO sees AI as a powerful ally, augmenting human capabilities rather than replacing them. Through education and adoption, we are equipping individuals with the tools needed to harness AI’s full potential, much like learning essential tools such as calculators or computers.

Challenges and Opportunities

While democratizing AI presents its challenges, including the need for robust frameworks and overcoming misconceptions, our CEO remains optimistic about the future. He commends initiatives like those in the UAE and envisions a landscape where companies operate with a blend of human expertise and AI assistants.


Our CEO’s vision for our company extends beyond mere market dominance; it’s about inclusivity, fairness, and driving positive change. By democratizing AI and empowering individuals to contribute, we are reshaping the narrative of AI ownership and accessibility.

To delve deeper into Hassan Sawaf’s insights and aiXplain’s mission, read the full interview.

Together, we are pioneering a future where AI serves as a catalyst for progress and prosperity for all.