Operationalizing GenAI: Insights from NoLimits Event

CEOs of aiXplain, Vectara, and Incorta on stage at NoLimits event

The NoLimits event, hosted by Incorta, brought together industry leaders, experts, and innovators to explore the transformative power of AI and data analytics. As a participant in this dynamic event, our team at aiXplain was thrilled to be part of the discussions, insights, and announcements that unfolded throughout the day.

One of the highlights of the event was the unveiling of Incorta’s new Operational GenAI offering, a groundbreaking solution designed to provide enterprises with unlimited access to live, detailed operational data. This new offering promises to revolutionize the way organizations harness the power of AI, and we are proud to be the platform of choice used for model fine-tuning through FineTune and for model serving via Discover.

CEOs Hassan Sawaf of aiXplain, Amr Awadallah of Vectara, and Osama Elkady of Incorta take the stage at the Incorta NoLimits event
CEOs Hassan Sawaf of aiXplain, Amr Awadallah of Vectara, and Osama Elkady of Incorta take the stage.

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In addition to product announcements, the event featured compelling customer success stories that showcased the real-world impact of AI and data analytics. From transforming data processes to achieving unparalleled insights, these stories illustrated the transformative potential of AI for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Our very own Hassan Sawaf took the stage and discussed the challenges of taking AI fascination and turning it into commercial viability.

As we reflect on our participation in the NoLimits event, we are inspired by the innovative solutions, thought leadership, and collaborative spirit that were on display. We look forward to applying the insights gained from the event to drive innovation and success for our clients as we continue to explore the possibilities of AI and data analytics.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from aiXplain as we leverage the latest advancements in AI to empower organizations and drive positive change.