Embodied and aiXplain Partner to Revolutionize Child Education with Advanced AI

“Unlike command-based interfaces used by voice assistants, Moxie engages in dynamic, free-flowing conversations that require swift, intelligent responses. Our partnership with aiXplain is pioneering advancements to ensure that our LLMs deliver fluid and believable interactions, bridging the gap between digital companionship and the intuitive ease of human conversation.”

– Paolo Pirjanian, Founder & CEO of Embodied

A pioneering partnership between Embodied, Inc. and aiXplain marks a new era in interactive and educational technology for children. This collaboration, announced at CES 2024, brings together Embodied’s expertise in child development and aiXplain’s advanced AI capabilities to enhance the learning and emotional growth of young minds through the innovative Moxie Robot.

Embodied has long been committed to nurturing both the emotional and intellectual development of children. Their flagship product, Moxie Robot, is a testament to this commitment. Moxie is not just an AI companion; it’s a gateway to AI for children, secured by Embodied’s KidFilter™ technology. This technology offers comprehensive support for parents, therapists, and educators, revolutionizing the way children learn and interact.

aiXplain has played a crucial role in the partnership with Embodied, bringing its advanced AI development platform to the forefront to significantly enhance the capabilities of the Moxie Robot. This collaboration has enabled more natural and impactful interactions for Moxie, primarily through aiXplain’s specialization in hosting and optimizing Large Language Models (LLMs) for Embodied’s young user base. Integral to this enhancement is the Groq LPU™ Inference Engine, recognized as the fastest language processing accelerator currently available, provided via the aiXplain platform. This technology ensures Moxie’s interactions are not only intelligent but also swift and believable, marking a significant advancement in human-robot interaction facilitated by aiXplain’s innovative solutions.

“At aiXplain, we are committed to not only providing high-quality models but also offering versatile hosting options on various hardware infrastructures to ensure top-tier delivery. Specifically, in our collaboration with Embodied, we have enabled the use of a Large Language Model by running it on the Groq Inference Engine, achieving a performance enhancement exceeding 10x compared to current leading technology stacks.”

– Hassan Sawaf, Founder & CEO of aiXplain

The partnership between Embodied and aiXplain represents a significant step forward in the field of educational technology. Moxie, powered by aiXplain’s platform and Groq’s LPU™ Inference Engine, is set to redefine the way children interact with and learn from AI. For more information about this groundbreaking collaboration, please visit aiXplain’s homepage and Embodied’s website.

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