aiXplain at Vectara Hackathon


Recently, aiXplain’s dynamic duo, Abdul Basit Anees and Golara Javadi, embraced the challenge of the Vectara Hackathon, organized by, and in just one day, ingeniously crafted a standout solution using aiXplain’s versatile platform. In this blog, we’ll delve into the hackathon’s specifics and explore the creative and technical journey of our team, emphasizing how aiXplain’s platform seamlessly blends various AI technologies and tools to facilitate rapid development.

The Vectara Hackathon

The Vectara Hackathon was a global competition challenging participants to showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills. The competition brought together diverse teams to build novel applications that leverage Vectara’s capabilities for a rapid Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) application. Teams could build using any combination of platforms, and we solely used aiXplain, demonstrating aiXplain’s unified platform advantage.

What is RAG?

RAG, standing for Retrieval Augmented Generation, is a methodology in artificial intelligence that equips large language models (LLMs) with the capability to access current and trustworthy information from external resources. This approach aims to prevent the generation of incorrect or misleading information, commonly known as hallucinations. By integrating RAG, LLMs are able to provide responses that are not only accurate but also transparent and dependable. This technology is pivotal for developers looking to build more intelligent and reliable GenAI applications across diverse sectors. It significantly diminishes the likelihood of inaccuracies and the potential for data breaches.

Reference image: Vectara

aiXplain’s Submission Overview

aiXplain’s team developed a powerful solution: The Rapid Semantic Search System. This solution was built with Vectara’s models and their latest embedding model: Boomerang, and developed in aiXplain’s no-code/low-code platform.

Basic Information

  • Project title: aiXplain’s Rapid Semantic Search System
  • Short description: DocuChat: Seamless Q&A and Interactive Conversation System

Key Features

  • Rapid retrieval speed: The solution harnesses Vectara’s capabilities to achieve fast indexing and information retrieval.
  • Versatility across formats: Whether it’s PDFs, videos, or audio, the solution seamlessly navigates diverse data formats.
  • Included references: The solution is designed to provide concise, well-structured answers with links to source documents.
  • User-friendly interaction: aiXplain’s creation prioritizes an intuitive user experience, making information retrieval effortless.

Our Rapid Semantic Search System stands out for its ability to ingest data and utilize query and summarization APIs across diverse media such as PDFs, videos, and audio. This adaptability to multiple data formats makes it an exceptionally versatile tool for intelligent information retrieval.

Additionally, the Rapid Semantic Search System’s user-friendly design simplifies the data retrieval process, enhancing the user experience. Developed by our team, it has a broad range of practical applications. It can serve as a medical support agent, expedite customer support by quickly delivering essential information, and facilitate swift data analysis in legal and financial sectors. The potential uses of this system are almost limitless.

Hackathon Experience

At the Vectara Hackathon, aiXplain’s team showcased remarkable skill in a one-week sprint, rapidly developing and implementing the Rapid Semantic Search System. This was not just a demonstration of our platform’s ability to fast-track AI development and integration, but also an affirmation of the power of Vectara’s capabilities. In a single day, our team, led by Abdul Basit Anees and Golara Javadi, Applied Scientists at aiXplain, seamlessly integrated Vectara’s features into a comprehensive solution, exemplifying aiXplain’s commitment to efficient, effective AI solution development.

“The Vectara Hackathon was an incredible display of organizational prowess, offering an ideal platform for innovation. Vectara’s capabilities are genuinely powerful, providing the tools we needed to enhance our solution significantly. The seamless integration achieved by our team in such a short period is a testament to the synergy between aiXplain’s platform and Vectara’s advanced technology. The efficiency and effectiveness of this collaboration have not only fast-tracked our development efforts but also expanded the potential for future AI technology implementations.”

– Golara Javadi

GitHub Repository

The GitHub repository is available here for those interested in exploring the Rapid Semantic Search System further. Feel free to delve into the code and create your own solution!


During the Vectara Hackathon, our team showcased the immense potential of rapid prototyping and seamless integration of diverse AI technologies. This event underscored a crucial aspect of the future of AI-driven solutions: the unification of various tools and technologies into a single, coherent ecosystem.

aiXplain stands at the forefront of this evolution. Our platform offers a comprehensive marketplace, rich with AI models from top-tier vendors like Vectara. This one-stop platform is designed to break down barriers in AI utilization, facilitating the smooth creation of applications like chatbots and semantic search engines. The key to aiXplain’s uniqueness lies in its capacity to offer rapid prototyping without tool fragmentation, enabling users to easily harness and integrate cutting-edge AI technologies.

We invite you to join us at aiXplain, where you can develop innovative solutions using Vectara models and a range of other cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to showcase and host your creations on aiXplain’s marketplace, a hub for groundbreaking AI solutions. Join our platform and start shaping the future of AI today!

Written by Golara Javadi and Dan Nelson