aiXplain and Groq: Pioneering the Future of Real-Time Inference in Generative AI

“What aiXplain is doing is nothing short of creating magic for their customers. At Groq, we aim to create a sense of awe by accelerating generative AI applications to the point that they become immersive experiences. Thanks to the partnership between aiXplain and Groq, truly interactive engagement with AI is here, today.”

– Jonathan Ross, Founder & CEO of Groq

At aiXplain, we are excited to announce our transformative partnership with Groq®, which is reshaping the landscape of generative AI in consumer electronics and beyond. This collaboration brings to the market unparalleled real-time inference capabilities, enhancing user experiences across a wide range of applications.

Groq’s cutting-edge LPU™ Inference Engine stands out for its unparalleled speed, churning out 300 tokens per second per user on large language models (LLMs) like Llama 2 70B. This incredible pace enables the production of vast amounts of text in record time, vastly outpacing human capabilities. The real-time inference this technology provides is crucial for the fluid user experiences that are now in high demand.

As a proud partner of Groq, aiXplain has embraced the Groq API to harness this extraordinary power across our diverse product and service portfolio. The early access to Groq’s technology has enabled us to implement real-time inference in our innovative offerings, substantially elevating the user experience. Our involvement with Groq’s technology showcases our commitment to staying at the cutting edge of AI development.

Our flagship product, Bel Esprit, exemplifies the synergy between aiXplain’s expertise and Groq’s groundbreaking technology. As a Generative AI chat agent, Bel Esprit leverages the Groq LPU Inference Engine to deliver instant, accurate responses, facilitating a seamless and immersive AI interaction. This partnership not only enhances Bel Esprit’s capabilities but also sets a new standard in the AI industry.

The collaboration between aiXplain and Groq is more than just a technological breakthrough; it’s a step towards an AI-powered future where real-time responses are the norm. As aiXplain CEO Hassan Sawaf remarked, “Inference is the next big thing in AI,” and our partnership with Groq is a testament to our commitment to leading this revolution.

The aiXplain and Groq partnership is an exciting development in the world of AI. By combining Groq’s unparalleled LPU™ Inference Engine with aiXplain’s innovative AI solutions, we are setting new benchmarks for what’s possible in real-time inference and generative AI applications. As we move forward, we remain dedicated to delighting our customers and transforming the way they interact with AI.

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