Release note: 2.4.2

Version released on September 4, 2023

Minor updates

  • Added the ability for decision node in Design to handle multiple inputs and multiple outputs.
  • Improved the Model comparison feature to handle any function with multi-input support.
  • Added Models and Metrics display in Pipeline specification table.
  • Added the ability to edit owned files and Pipelines through asset editor.
  • “Try it out” feature now handles Models with Search function.
  • Added an aiXplain Credit purchase interaction that’s triggered when the user’s balance is low.
  • Added data format requirements to Dataset and Corpus creation.

SDK updates

  • Made pipeline logs accessible to users via the SDK.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the list of models was not updated when a model is unsubscribed.
  • Fixed an issue with handling label inputs in “Try it out”.