Release note: 2.3.0

Version released on June 12, 2023

Major updates

  • Corpus and Dataset changes — In release 2.2.0 we introduced a new asset type “Corpus” which allowed structured data to be onboarded on aiXplain without having to allocate a function to it.
    • Added the ability to create Datasets from Corpora, or use them directly with your favorite tools like Benchmark and FineTune.
    • Improved Dataset creation process to allow for more options such as adding multiple references and handling errors.
    • Added Datasets and Corpora creation from files already uploaded to aiXplain instead of only supporting local files.
    • Added Dataset and Corpus logs which are available on the details page of the assets to show the history of these assets.
  • AutoMode training temporarily disabled — In light of the changes to datasets in aiXplain, our team is working hard to address their compatibility with AutoMode. This won’t affect the already trained AutoMode models. Expect an update that will address this soon.

Minor updates

  • Added more information on the Corpus details page that shows the number of columns/features and rows/segments in a Corpus.
  • Added credit expiration notice for Credits granted through phone verification.
  • Updated the colors in SHAP plots inside Benchmark reports.
  • Added more metadata categories in Benchmark reports.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that showed the “Compare” button in the asset drawer for assets that don’t support this function.
  • Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong labels in nodes inside Design.
  • Fixed an issue with certain models that failed when rerunning a Benchmark job.