How aiXplain and Are Collaborating

“We are now able to experiment with AI thanks to aiXplain! aiXplain provides the AI services and platform, whereas gives aiXplain real-world use cases and feedback to improve the platform. By leveraging each other’s unique strengths, the partnership enables both companies to benefit strategically.”

– partner Manuel Fontana

At aiXplain, we believe the future of AI lies in open collaboration. This conviction led us to partner with the Italian software company to make AI solutions more easily accessible through real-world use cases and applications. specializes in creating custom software solutions for forward-thinking companies. They bridge the gap between technology and clients by utilizing human expertise, offering support in every stage, from research and design to development and market introduction. Intrigued by the potential of AI for their clientele, the team started investigating different strategies. Despite their efforts, found themselves with limited proficiency in AI technologies.

aiXplain offers businesses a suite of powerful resources, including an extensive AI marketplace, a no-code development platform, and integrated optimization tools, all streamlined by our AI architect, Bel Esprit. In collaboration with, we merged our AI platform strengths with their product development acumen. Driven by a shared mission to enable developers, we collectively created two open-source solutions as our initial ventures:

  • An AI chatbot that can be easily embedded into any website;
  • An automated meeting summarizer supporting leading web conference tools like Google Meet and Zoom, or any other audio/video files.

Our process was iterative, transparent, and focused on creating community resources. Starting small, testing quickly, gathering honest feedback, and releasing developer guides built mutual trust and set the stage for long-term impact.

According to partner Mario De Santis, “The goal of everything we are doing together is to focus on the developer community in general by giving them the practical examples and tools they need to discover aiXplain. And then be able to start building other products from scratch using aiXplain platform.”

To conclude, this partnership connects AI solutions with digital product creativity. Combining our strengths and sharing openly, we’re pioneering accessible innovation and demonstrating how merging product creativity with AI unlocks new potential.

Stay tuned, as we plan to make these applications available as open source on aiXplain’s GitHub. This move is aimed at inspiring developers and showcasing the seamless integration of our solutions into various products.

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