GenAI for Startups and Enterprises: aiXplain and Pi Campus Hackathon 2024

Hassan Sawaf, Founder & CEO of aiXplain, and Marco Trombetti, Co-Founder and CEO of Pi Campus

The Pi Campus 2024 hackathon, co-organized by aiXplain and Pi Campus, brought together tech enthusiasts and engineers. Held in Rome, Italy, this event presented participants with a unique challenge to engage them in a hands-on experience of aiXplain. Participants were challenged to develop a bilingual chat solution utilizing the aiXplain platform. The goal was to generate responses based on the input modality, with a bonus for teams who could include images in their solution. This challenge tested the developers’ ability to innovate and effectively utilize aiXplain’s tools.

Event Structure

The hackathon followed a task-based structure, with everyone given the same unique task to build. This clear and defined challenge ensured that teams had a focused goal, promoting efficient problem-solving and creative thinking.

Task Details

The hackathon’s core challenge was to create a multilingual, multimodal chatbot using aiXplain’s platform. Participants were tasked with developing a chat system that generates responses based on various input modalities, such as text and images. Additionally, the chatbot was required to generate images correlating to its answers.

For example, if asked, “Where is the Leaning Tower of Pisa located?” the chatbot would respond with “Italy” and generate a correlating image. This task tested the participants’ technical skills and their ability to integrate different AI technologies into a cohesive solution.

Participation and Tools

aiXplain was the sole technical sponsor of the event, providing essential tools to the participants. Each team received specific credits for using aiXplain’s platform and API, which helped them develop their projects. This support allowed participants to use advanced AI models hosted on aiXplain’s Discover and easily integrate them into their solutions.

Challenges and Achievements

The hackathon saw remarkable participation and achievements. The first team completed the task within an astonishing 45 minutes, showcasing their quick grasp of the tools and efficient teamwork. Other teams followed closely, with most completing their projects within an hour and showcasing how easy it was to build solutions with aiXplain.

Outcome and Awards

At the end of the hackathon, winners were announced, and certificates were distributed to the top teams. The winning team received 100 credits, the second-place team received 50 credits, and the third-place team was awarded 25 credits. These credits can be used to explore further and develop AI solutions using aiXplain’s platform.


This hackathon demonstrated aiXplain’s potential as a powerful hackathon tool, giving participants the resources and assistance they needed to develop and produce advanced AI solutions rapidly. Collaboration with Pi Campus resulted in a successful event and opened a path for future fun cooperative activities. aiXplain and Pi Campus will continue to inspire and nurture the next generation of tech entrepreneurs through similar events and activities.

We encourage you to participate in future hackathons and explore the capabilities of aiXplain’s tools. Follow aiXplain and Pi Campus on social media for updates and more information about upcoming events and opportunities to engage with cutting-edge AI technology.

Take the Next Step

Inspired by the success of the Pi Campus Hackathon participants, you can now try out and build upon a multilingual Q&A solution using TTS and image generation on aiXplain!

Create your own multilingual multimodal Q&A solution