AI/ML will change the world we live in! The question is what will it take to do it right.

Today, AI is limited by constraints that have gone unaddressed. The leaders of AI/ML including Amazon, Microsoft, Google among others, and the startups in AI like C3ai and H2O still fall short of offering solutions to deeply democratize AI that cater to everyone in the industry, while some are claiming AI is including and serving everyone.

In order for AI/ML to serve everyone, it must have certain principles at its core that the AI community adopts and lives by.

1. AI/ML customers get to choose

With leading tech companies taking on the AI/ML space with their big data, often when smaller organizations are searching for models the only option that appears are big companies like AWS and Google. This approach forces customers to conform to the company’s approach to AI/ML and is creating biases in the process by not giving the customer a full perspective of the options to Deeply Democratize AI, because smaller data providers are not given visibility. For AI to fix its biases, there needs to be more competition at the decision phase for customers and not just the big box companies monopolizing the marketplace. 

2. Customers need support to make informed decisions

Customers, including innovative entrepreneurs, who may have limited or no AI/ML experience, must be guided through every step of their shopping experience to provide them with the information needed to make an informed AI/ML decision. If only customers that have industry knowledge are able to benefit from AI/ML, because they have a head start in understanding the complexities of it, then it creates an additional bias in the industry by closing off AI to the general public. AI/ML companies need to keep every user base in mind

when developing platforms, models, and algorithms or the solutions they provide are at deep risk of encouraging AI biases in the short term and long term.

3. Diverse participation from people of all demographic and psychographic backgrounds

All AI/ML developers, scientists, and specialists need a platform that has been designed with them in mind–A platform that offers profitable financial incentives to build, share and sell their models. This approach prevents big companies from discouraging small startups and individuals from entering the marketplace. With an equal representation of model providers in the industry, it will help Deeply Democratize AI by reducing the biases thus reflecting the world’s reality more accurately.  

4. Data ownership inclusivity 

Data ownership is core to AI/ML value generation, and it must be managed fairly by offering all data providers visibility. Individuals and organizations that generate data have control over how their data is used and should be held responsible for data collecting benchmarks. Individuals and organizations owning data should receive monetary value generated from it and greater financial benefits when designing a unique model for the marketplace. This can help to Deeply Democratize AI monetarily.

5. Control of the agenda

Model developers need to have more ownership of their creations. A platform where commercial agreements are flexible and open will ensure a fair distribution of value generation at all levels of the marketplace. At aixplain, we are building the deep democratization criteria in our platform in the upcoming weeks, months, and years, while the other players are tackling only a subset of said aspects. 

At aiXplain, we’re on a mission to Deeply Democratize AI. It is in our business DNA. Join our community to learn more about how we do it!

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