Release note: 2.5.1

Version released on October 18, 2023

Minor updates

  • Added the ability to contact a human specialist through Bel Esprit.
  • Added the ability to copy Bel Esprit session ID and export the chat log.
  • Added asset renaming and editing meta information.
  • Created pipeline drafts listing page with function and visibility filters.

SDK updates

SDK build 0.2.4

  • Model image upload SDK.
    • Added the CLI for the model image upload SDK.
    • Installed model-interface as an extra dependency under the “aixplain” namespace.
    • Added Google Colab for fine-tuning search and text generation models in user documentation.
  • Transitioned aiXplain SDK from to pyproject.toml.
  • Added the ability to filter assets by owner.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the asset drawer where it would clear assets after being used.