Release note: 2.5.0

Version released on September 21, 2023

Major updates

  • Bel Esprit — We are thrilled to introduce Bel Esprit, your personal AI solution architect. Converse with an AI chat agent in natural language to transform your ideas into deployable, production-ready AI solutions.
  • Pipeline drafts in Design — A new state for pipelines in Design has been added which allows the user to save unfinished Design pipelines as drafts. Users can load drafts and pick up their work where they left off. Drafts also work with auto-saving to ensure that no work gets lost.
  • Pipeline templates in Design — We are adding pipeline templates into Design. You can now save your pipelines as templates, you can then reuse them or load pre-existing templates to speed up your pipeline building process.

Minor updates

  • Improved the documents page in the side panel and added several new articles.
  • Added the ability for users to sign-up or sign-in using their Google accounts.
  • Introduced conversation history in “Try it out” for LLMs.
  • Increased the limit for the number of access keys per team to 10.
  • Disabled the zoom button if the zoom level is already at maximum or minimum in Design.

SDK updates

  • Added data validations for the format constraints while uploading datasets.
  • Added the ability to filter models by AI function when listing them.
  • Fixed FineTune and data asset functional tests.
  • Fixed metric example displayed in the documentation.