Release note: 2.4.0

Version released on July 24, 2023

Major updates

  • Metric changes — In this release, we wanted to increase the versatility of how evaluation metrics that are used in Benchmark are behaving. Hence, we are adding more details to Metric cards to be more descriptive. Adding details like the input, output, pricing, and supplier of each Metric. This would also give more visibility to the pricing of Benchmark jobs.
  • Text normalization setting in Benchmark — A new feature has been added to Benchmark which allows using various normalization settings for text to be used. This feature comes with minor UI improvements to Benchmark job configuration.

Minor updates

  • Added the ability to use public URLs as valid data in Dataset and Corpus upload.
  • Added the ability to filter models in Discover which are FineTune compatible.
  • Added tooltips for different types of nodes in Design when you hover over them.
  • Added double-click functionality in Design to re-align zoom and access node details.
  • Improved UI visuals of Design nodes with unified asset node types and dynamic font size.
  • Added autosave functionality for pipelines in Design.
  • Added a Dashboard guide that is visible for the first time a member signs.

SDK updates

  • SDK for FineTuneSDK now supports fine-tuning models.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue with data persistence that kept experience progress when switching teams.
  • Fixed an issue with handling third party packages which impacted certain nodes in Design.