Release note: 2.2.0

Version released on April 26, 2023

Major updates

  • Discover changes — In preparation for bigger upcoming changes to some of our AI asset types, we updated the design of Discover to make finding the assets that you are looking for easier and more intuitive! The changes will also be reflected on your assets that are accessible from your Dashboard.
  • Introducing a new asset type: Corpus — In this release we added a new asset type that you can find, onboard, and use in aiXplain. The corpus is structured data which is not defined to be used for a single particular AI function. There are limited things that you can do with corpora for the time being but our next release will allow extracting multiple datasets for multiple AI functions from a single corpus. For example, I can onboard a corpus with columns for speech, transcript, translation, speaker age, speaker gender, speaker ID where I can use it to create datasets for Speech Recognition, Speaker Diarization, Speech Classification, and Translation.
  • Updates to API access keys — We previously added the ability for teams to generate access keys from the team settings. In this release, we removed the auto-generated default access key which was specific to a particular model or pipeline for each team. This change allows creating and using different access keys for different endpoints. With added security allowing members to delete and recreate access keys as they see fit.

Minor updates

  • Translation metrics added in Design — We added all of the Translation metrics found in Benchmark to the metric node inside Design.
  • Improved Benchmark — We improved the way that scoring in Benchmark takes place. Those changes will have positive impact on Benchmark performance and stability.
  • Enhanced network security — We added improved encryption to the tokens sent out over the network.
  • User guide in Dashboard — Added a user guide in the Dashboard to help the members access the documents page and use the platform.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug that made Benchmark reports appear to be stuck at 90% when they are complete.
  • Fixed a bug where members couldn’t find the “switch team” option when the team invitation is accepted.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the phone number verification to appear on the dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug in displaying metrics inside the metric node in Design that collapsed the scroll.
  • Fixed a bug where some function names were displayed incorrectly.