Multilingual Automatic Speech Recognition models from an ever expanding list of  providers are ready for integration into your AI driven ASR workflows.


bench performance|latency|availability


bench performance|latency|availability

“aiXplain has been incredibly helpful in helping us to transcribe, annotate and understanding the proprietary data sets we’re using to develop Moxie.”

Stefan Scherer

Former CTO, now Advisor, Embodied

Receive accurate and objective performance assessments

vendors will receive objective and accurate performance assessments on their models compared to industry measuring for metrics such as speed, accuracy and more.

Understand model improvement areas

aiXplain provided benchmarking assessments highlight areas of improvements for AI vendors, enabling them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses as they strive for continuous improvement.

Continuously monitor for potential issues

Members will also receive the additional benefit of continuously monitoring their models for issues that could be impacting customers allowing them to be debugged before the customer notices.

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