Use comprehensive MT benchmarking metrics to evaluate machine translation model options for all of your project needs. Leverage stand alone models, or combine AI features in API ready pipelines.


bench performance|latency|availability


bench performance|latency|availability

“aiXplain allowed us to expand into language markets that would have been prohibitively expensive, and time consuming  by any traditional means available.”

Sara Sawaf

Founder, AYA Animations

Extensive language pair selection

Select from an ever expanding list of multilingual MT models from a multitude of vendors use “best-fit” metrics of price, performance, and benchmarking.

Integrate MT with API ready pipelines

Evaluate model price and performance for best fit assessments, then enable with API ready reference points that auto update to take full advantage of any model improvements over time.

Price and benchmark your solutions

aiXplain provided benchmarking assessments highlight areas of improvements for AI vendors, enabling them to better understand their strengths and weaknesses as they strive for continuous improvement.

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