Raed Masri

Raed Masri

Co-founder & Lead Seed Investor


Raed Masri, Co-founder

Raed  is the founder and partner at Transform VC with years of experience in the tech industry. In his career, Raed has founded other organizations like Jaguar Wireless where he was partially responsible for introducing new wireless policy in Canada. He also founded SkySurf which was responsible for bringing effective inflight communications across the country. His career in the United States has led to VC and institutional LP roles along with becoming the key founding member at Mubadala Ventures.

His educational background includes a degree in Engineering from Carleton University in Ottawa along with a MBA from Cornell University and Queen’s University. Raed is a lifelong learner that enjoys building talent along with sharing his knowledge and expertise with founders. He is continuously building bridges between Silicon Valley, the Middle East and Canada bringing together people from diverse backgrounds.

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