Hassan Sawaf, CEO & Founder

Hassan Sawaf has 25+ years of experience in employing cutting-edge technologies for mission-critical business operations. He has founded several machine learning organizations in small and large tech companies including AppTek, eBay, Amazon, and Facebook. 

Currently, as founder of aiXplain, he’s on a mission to deeply democratize AI by making it accessible to businesses and individuals alike, while ensuring equitable and fair benefit to everyone involved.

Hassan serves as a founding board member of the PI Campus School headquartered in Rome, Italy.  He is also an investor, board member, and advisor to a handful of promising startups and established companies around the world among them Tarjama, AppTek, and Embodied. 

Interests and Causes

Hassan enjoys building enabling technologies for the next generation of applications. He believes in Economic Empowerment, Education, Human Rights, Poverty Alleviation, Science and Technology and enabling businesses and individuals to do more with AI/ML.

In his spare time, he likes to read up on research, experience speed through skiing, one-wheeling, car racing, and flying, as well as building vehicles and little houses.

During the pandemic, he rediscovered his passion for camping and watching the sun rise and set.

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