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We’ve created a place where you can easily source the state-of-the-art AI/ML solutions that meet your developmental objectives. Our core technological focus begins with Machine Translation, Speech Synthesis, and Speech Recognition. Our primary objective is to provide a platform where business and technological service providers are empowered to develop, sell, enhance, optimize, and manage all of their proprietary and open source AI solutions from one convenient location.



Benchmark performance|latency|availability

Member access to benchmarking and regression analysis tools for MT, ASR, TTS and STT performance analysis on generic and niche translation domains using a wide spectrum of comprehensive data evaluation metrics.


Machine Translation

Traduction Automatique Maschinelle Übersetzung Máquina Traductora

Use comprehensive MT benchmarking metrics to evaluate machine translation model options for all of your project needs. Leverage stand alone models or combine AI features in an API ready pipeline.

[MT]Private Beta

Synthetic Voices

Speech Synthesis

Leverage single-point-API access TTS models with configurable multilingual human voice characteristics for completely synthetic voice output. Get membership access to a wide variety of proprietary, and open source, speech synthesis models to bring life to all of your TTS projects.

[TTS]Private Beta

Speech Regognition

Leverage multiple AI technologies for speaker identification, ASR, speech to text and machine translation to to build multilingual pipelines for various use cases.

[ASR]Private Beta


Combine speaker recognition, ASR, and MT models to build globally relevant subtitling pipelines with single point API access.

[Pipeline Designer]Private Beta


Combine machine translation with synthetic voices to build globally relevant multilingual dubbing pipelines.

[Pipeline Designer]Private Beta

We are on a mission to truly democratize AI by making it accessible for beginner to expert users at all stages of their business development. To accomplish this, we built a network serving a diverse community where anyone interested in testing, building, using, or selling AI can often do so in minutes. The idea was born when Hassan Sawaf, who has over 25 years of experience in AI/ML, saw an opportunity to serve a more diversified market with customizable AI solutions. aiXplain is quickly becoming the go to source for a wide spectrum of business professionals looking to find AI powered solutions for all of their business needs.

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