Big AI/ML conferences can be overwhelming! Make the most of your time at big industry conferences by following our aiXplain team’s tips and tricks. From preparation to networking, we’ve got you covered!

Here is a guideline full of tips, and tricks, you can use to ensure success at ML conferences like Ai4:

1. Have an attractive booth/exhibit space

If you will be hosting a booth or some form of exhibit space, aesthetics play a big role. However, sometimes people fail to realize how every little detail can be crucial in building an attractive booth. This includes things like how staff members are dressed, what is on their table, what “goodies” are offered, the look of the banners displayed, etc. 

For example at Ai4, one company had displayed several stuffed owl toys around their booth with team members all wearing bright Hawaiian style shirts attracting more visitors than most. Ultimately, things like this catch your attention and elicit curiosity. 

2. Clear objectives and goals for attending

For all team members attending, having a clear and precise goal in mind is a great way to maintain focus. For instance, setting a goal for obtaining a specific number of leads, generating brand awareness and visibility, or expanding network and/or content generation. Having this discussion prior to the conference and delegating responsibilities ahead of time will take much of the pressure off and make the experience more enjoyable as well. 

3. Teamwork makes the dream work

With the limited time and days these conference run, ensuring good teamwork with a divide and conquer mentality works the best. For instance, while one mans the booth, the other one walks around the room, making connections with “neighbour” booths and attendants. For a crowd, like the one at Ai4, having a technical team member to get into the nitty-gritty aspects of your products or services can be an excellent addition. 

4. Have printed content to share with other attendees

As a lot of people come by and ask questions, many tend to leave with printed handouts for attendees to read more about their company of interest.

5. Traditional business cards can go a long way

Regardless that nearly everyone has electronic devices these days, many people prefer the traditional way of exchanging business cards. This is mainly because it adds a personal touch. Instead of a generic company contact info shared, it is of a specific team member for them to contact after the conference. 

6. Goodies/giveaways for booth visitors 

This is a no-brainer! Not only is it a good way to attract people but it also gives more visibility to the company, especially if they bring value to people. Such items include mugs, socks, pens, notepads, branded can openers, etc. To sum it up, anything can be turned into a giveaway!

7.  Daily team debriefing 

Putting time aside daily to analyze and discuss the day can be beneficial in guiding the actions of the next day. This time could include looking through new leads to find opportunities for collaboration, engage with new contacts shortly after the event, analyze lessons learned, questions asked, or take notes to help guide the plan for future events. 

8. Remote teams can connect in person

Whether you work in an office or on the go, connecting with your team members and getting to know them better is important. Companies are increasingly turning towards remote working over traditional 9-5 jobs; however, working together in-person can be very impactful. It helps boost the development of positive relationships with each other along with keeping them encouraged and motivated. 

9. Make sure to have fun

This mentality helps take a lot of the pressure off your shoulders and even helps increase efficiency overall. Hosting small talks, light social gatherings and learning more about others is a great way to make more meaningful connections!


Overall, these components will help you and your team ensure success at big industry conferences, like Ai4. We met a lot of great people from various backgrounds and got a fresh perspective on the state of the industry. The aiXplain team had a great time, and we are excited to see what next year brings! 

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