In the initial stages of the Sibaq Lahja program, participants underwent an education-focused period spanning 3-weeks with the idea to shape their AI/ML knowledge base step-by-step. During the sessions with Sibaq Lahja participants, the aiXplain team hosted weekly speakers to showcase real-world applications of AI/ML solutions. 

Most recently, Peter Agelasto, co-founder and Head of Product at Starchive, joined virtually to share how they are using AI to solve the biggest challenge that digital media companies face. What is this challenge? It is quite simply organization. Outsiders to this industry do not realize the rigor of sorting through volumes of digital media assets is a major challenge in itself. 

Here are the key takeaways from this session: 

  • Digital media files are not documents. Digital media files are often not the same as regular documents that are readable. Traditional documents have words to tell a story, whereas media files can tell a story through imagery, sound, and emotion. 
  • Media files require special tools. They require specialised tools to prepare them for publication, as well as critical data to locate, manage, track, and monetize. The most difficult challenge is that they are often large and difficult to organise due to a lack of easily searchable names or tags. 
  • Understanding your customer’s pain points truly helps deliver quality. In the case of media, editors and creatives often think differently from software tech people. This serves as a blueprint to fuel the process of both creative and efficient models. 
  • The future is gonna look like how we shape it. AI is shaping our future, so our actions influence what AI will look like in the future. Hence, having real empathy and an understanding of who is going to use your software is very important.
  • How Starchive serves as a digital asset management system? Every time a file is uploaded, it is processed through their object detection model. This generates a list of labels. Their team then sorts through these,  grouping them as necessary. The culmination of this process termed “auto-tagging” helps to organize all of your digital content, making it easily searchable.
  • Essence Magazine used Starchive to redeem themselves during the pandemic. During the lockdown, Essence decided to replace their annual grand event with a virtual one. However, they did not leave enough time to prepare. Working with nearly two months worth of audio and over 8k hours of video, it was becoming an impossible task. With Starchive, their digital content was easily able to be organized by celebrities, simplifying the workflow. As a result, their virtual fest scored a billion views taking them from surviving through covid, to thriving by launching a digital version of the magazine. 

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