This week, Sibaq Lahja, “race of a dialect”, has entered the next stage of its education-led development program. During the two weeks of stage two, participants will undergo an intensive, on-site, prototyping workshop for an in-depth training-based learning experience about the ins and outs of AI model development. 

The second stage is where participants can expect something even more exciting! Under the direction of aiXplain’s highly experienced science team, working in the ML field for years, participants will be taught the best ways to develop NLP models. 

The workshop includes accomplishing key tasks further building their NLP knowledge base with real applications. One of these tasks includes creating their first iteration of a diacritizer model, which will undergo further development in the next stage of the program. The goal is to provide exposure to the model development process by guiding participants to a deeper understanding of how development programs are executed in the real world. 

Here is an overview of what participants will accomplish:

  • Solidify the participants’ overall knowledge base. With additional lectures covering another range of valuable topics such as Arabic NLP along with learning about guidelines and approaches for a meaningful model development process. 
  • Complete model development-related tasks. Participants will be able to understand the process of developing models better by understanding how it is done in real-world settings. 
  • Learn from highly-experienced AI/ML professionals. Participants will get the opportunity to work alongside scientists who are making waves in their respective industries. This includes members of our aiXplain team that are driving growth and improvement internally along with committed to serving the community with their knowledge and experiences. 
  • Make connections with their highly-qualified peers. Outside of the AI/ML professionals, the participants also bring ideas, knowledge, and experience to the table. As they underwent a meticulous screening process, Sibaj Lahja participants are a group of highly intelligent and talented individuals. 


Essentially, language barriers can prevent people from taking advantage of AI/ML technologies. Designed to integrate the Emirati dialect into the useable NLP ecosystem, this program helps to expand both the practical knowledge, and use, of the AI variables impacting global NLP workflows. The Sibaq Lahja program is pushing to create more inclusive AI demographics and technologies. With the help of MoAI, and Cisco, the AI/ML technology space is becoming more and more exciting with new development, and it’s great to see a community come together for such a worthy cause!

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