Data Analytics and AI specialist, LigaData, has partnered with aiXplain to bring advanced voice analysis capabilities to mobile network operators.


LigaData, the provider of specialist data analytics and AI products for mobile operators, has partnered with Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI/ML experts, aiXplain, to provide a range of new cognitive AI services to the telecommunications sector.

The strategic partnership will expand LigaData’s current telco-specific product portfolio to incorporate advanced voice analysis capabilities by utilizing aiXplain’s innovative human language technology.

Founded to provide the means to build, diagnose, and improve AI systems and datasets, aiXplain’s team of highly experienced leaders in AI science have developed a suite of innovative ML tools capable of leveraging their rapidly growing catalog of over 40,000 AI models, spanning multiple domains. By augmenting LigaData’s telecom-domain expertise, with machine translation and speech recognition technologies, spanning over 200 languages, the telecom sector will finally acquire the means to effectively implement workflows capable of accelerating AI adoption, while increasing the quality, and efficiency, of their services.

Our voice and text natural language processing capabilities for 200+ languages, coupled with LigaData’s telco-domain expertise will provide game-changing solutions for MNOs and MVNOs.” ~Rama Chakaki, Chief Operating Officer at aiXplain

The amalgamation of both organizations’ specialized technical expertise aims to produce innovative products and services that will improve customer experience and reduce churn. For example, the ready-made voice and text chatbot solution taps into aiXplain’s knowledgebase of 200+ dialects and languages, whilst interacting with LigaData’s robust API functionality to serve user queries in real-time.

Rama Chakaki, Chief Operating Officer at aiXplain stated: “We’re thrilled to partner with LigaData to bring advanced AI solutions to the telecommunications industry. MNOs will benefit greatly from utilizing functionality such as call transcription and call quality analysis. Our voice and text natural language processing capabilities for 200+ languages, coupled with LigaData’s telco-domain expertise will provide game-changing solutions for MNOs and MVNOs.”

Bassel Ojjeh, CEO at LigaData said: “The partnership between LigaData and aiXplain will enable thousands of use cases that will improve mobile subscribers’ experiences and accelerate digital transformation through the use of data analytics, AI and NLP. Our mobile analytics app for executives, Sancho, will also integrate with our partner’s platform to deliver the benefits of a digital dashboard coupled with a virtual assistant.”

About LigaData
LigaData of Silicon Valley specializes in managed data services and products for mobile operators to facilitate digital transformation, achieve data-driven outcomes, and optimize operator resources. LigaData’s services and software products are used by over 25 mobile operators around the world to extract greater value from their existing infrastructure, whether through improved analytics, decisioning or AI.

About aiXplain
aiXplain is the place where nothing stands between you and the power of AI. Providing unique and insightful tools, developed by highly experienced leaders in AI science, to serve suppliers, researchers, and customers in the human language technology fields, our mission is to truly democratize AI by making it accessible for novice to experts at every stage of their business development. To learn more visit

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