aiXplain Provides Insightful and Innovative, Training and Tools, as Sibaq Lahja Enters Phase Two

UAE, August 11, 2022

Sibaq Lahja, “race of a dialect”, officially enters the next stage of its education-led development program. With this 2-week intensive on-premise prototyping workshop, participants will get an in-depth, training-based learning experience about the ins and outs of model development.

With the direction of aiXplain’s highly experienced science team, participants will be further educated on the different aspects of Natural Language Processing (NLP) with approaches and guidelines for model development. The workshop includes accomplishing key tasks further building their NLP knowledge base with real applications. One of these tasks includes creating their first iteration of a diacritizer model, which will undergo further development in the next stage of the program. The goal is to provide exposure to the model development process by guiding participants to a deeper understanding of how projects are executed in the real world.

The next stage involves execution on the model, where participants will get the opportunity to utilize aiXplain’s suite of tools, Discover, Design, and Benchmark, enabling them in their development journey. Empowering participants to create the next big thing in AI, aiXplain is providing member access to unique and insightful tools – directly at their fingertips. Using aiXplain’s catalog of over 35,000 models, participants will be able to benchmark their own models against others. With access to a comprehensive benchmarking report, participants will receive an in-depth analysis of their model performance. Capturing key insights surrounding viability factoring, quality, latency, speed, footprint, cost, bias, and drift tracking will help highlight areas that require improvement. The tool will also provide an accurate overview of the metrics used in the industry, helping participants understand their importance in guiding model enhancements.

Designed to impact the use and implementation of the Emirati dialect in the NLP ecosystem, Sibaq Lahja is pushing for the development of more inclusive technologies. To drive creativity and innovation, technologies that surpass language barriers are valuable in making it accessible to everyone. On their mission to “truly” democratize AI, aiXplain is enabling the participants to build, diagnose and improve systems and datasets all in one place with their expert-level tools.

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