Optimizing AI Engagement, Regardless of Entry Point, or Technical Expertise

Founded on the principles of Deeply Democratizing AI, aiXplain was established to enable, and expand access to the means of creation, use, and optimization of machine learning resources to the mutual benefit of a diverse membership. To this end aiXplain developed a platform where its community of members can discover, utilize, augment, optimize, and distribute state-of-the-art AI, sourced from a wide range of contributors.

Discover provides members pre-negotiated access to the product of a wide range of ML development experts. This ever-expanding catalog, currently numbers in excess of 35,000 models spanning multiple domains and functionalities. Starting with a simple search, members can easily find, test, and compare various models to integrate into their AI ready workflow via Pipeline application, or automatically generated API, Python, Java code snippets.

Studio provides members access to aiXplain’s object oriented pipeline development tools, where members can intuitively combine, augment, and enhance the specific features of any series of individual assets to craft comprehensive AI pipelines.

From basic model comparisons to the advanced evaluation of sophisticated ML workflows, Benchmark supports a wide range of model evaluation purposes on aiXplain. With an initial emphasis on Machine Translation (MT), and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), benchmarking can help members Discover best fit model recommendations, or pinpoint granular level model performance issues to guide machine learning model development.

The fusion of beta features serve to promote a flywheel effect for AI engagement revolving around the use, improvement and augmentation of practical AI. While our founding interests are to be as inclusive as possible, our foundational engagement is focused on Machine Translation (MT), and Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model developers, and product managers.

We believe that optimizing our platform with the input and guidance of industry experts will ultimately lead to a better experience for all users. The beauty of the flywheel approach is that the more energy we place into the development of our AI enabling tools, the more benefit a broader community of members will experience thus enabling members to achieve optimal AI engagement, regardless of their entry point, or technical expertise

But, regardless of any individual member’s expertise, everyone eventually experiences their moment of feeling like a novice with AI. aiXplain strives to help bridge these gaps in knowledge and extend the reach, and skills, of each community member so that they may optimally find that which they need to move beyond their limitations to harness the power of AI.

About aiXplain, Inc.aiXplain is the place where nothing stands between you and the power of AI. Providing unique and insightful tools, developed by highly experienced leaders in AI science, to serve suppliers, researchers and customers in the human language technology fields, our mission is to truly democratize AI by making it accessible for novice to experts at every stage of their business development. To learn more visit https://aixplain.com/

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