AI-powered translation, dubbing and subtitling enables access to members worldwide.

Los Gatos, May 23rd, 2022

In support of their Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) initiatives, aiXplain announces a collaboration with the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) by translating ACL 2022 conference paper titles, abstracts and presentations. AI solutions powered by aiXplain are enabling accessibility to a diverse multi-national audience, in this joint effort of the year-long ACL challenge 60-60: Globalization via localization.

As a D&I sponsor, aiXplain is leveraging their infrastructure to transform a wide selection of ACL content into easily accessible multilingual content. By providing translation, dubbing, and subtitling services, aiXplain is not only enabling access and extended participation for the ACL community, but is also progressively diminishing language barriers. 

As an international scientific and professional organization dedicated to people working in the field of natural language processing (NLP), ACL is tackling problems, and pushing the boundaries when it comes to computational linguistics. In their annual conference, the organization welcomes a diverse group of over 10,000 attendees from around the world, working on solutions serving the NLP industry.

Attendees include AI/ML scientists, developers, and specialists along with enterprises and startups. To serve this growing community, aiXplain is supporting the association’s diversity and inclusion efforts by empowering scientists to drive innovation without a language barrier. With the translation of conference-related content, the scientific community is able to communicate seamlessly with each other in various forms, such as text, speech, video, etc. 

To support members in their model development journey, aiXplain enables members to build, diagnose, and improve their AI/ML systems and datasets; continuously, efficiently and effortlessly. From full access to written content, including paper titles, abstracts, and frequently-used terms, to dubbed and closed-captioned recorded sessions, aiXplain members can now explore multiple ML tools and services available on aiXplain. 

Leveraging aiXplain’s innovative toolset, members can now benchmark single or multi-functional pipelines to gain insight into optimal performance enhancement viability. Quality, latency, speed, footprint, cost, bias, and drift tracking metrics are all currently available for model evaluation. Utilizing aiXplain Designer, and aiXplain FineTune members gain access to the customized data selection insights required for optimal baseline system re-training, and can even engage human-in-the-loop evaluation specialists, as needed.

To facilitate a continuum of these diversity and inclusion initiatives, aiXplain will be hosting the event data, and translations. This strategic partnership with ACL which serves to enable, and encourage our members to work on, and utilize, this data as a baseline for garnering the development of NLP systems to be showcased in future conferences.

About aiXplain, Inc.aiXplain is the place where nothing stands between you and the power of AI. Providing unique and insightful tools, developed by highly experienced leaders in AI science, to serve suppliers, researchers and customers in the human language technology fields, our mission is to truly democratize AI by making it accessible for novice to experts at every stage of their business development. To learn more visit

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