UAE coders, and software engineers, leverage aiXplain’s beta infrastructure to localize Educational AI Technology Program via AI model development.

Los Gatos, June 23, 2022

aiXplain announces collaboration with Cisco and the United Arab Emirate Ministry of AI (MoAI) on the launch of an immersive educational AI technology program. Sibaq Lahja (“race of a dialect”) is a boot camp designed to equip young coders, and software engineers in the UAE, with the necessary skills to develop and deploy AI solutions in the realm of Arabic Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

As a subfield of computer science, and artificial intelligence (AI), dedicated to refining interactions between computers and human (“natural”) languages, NLP is becoming one of the most exciting areas in AI. Today, NLP is utilized in a multitude of forms such as; chatbots, voice assistants, translation services, digital calls, and more. With an ever-increasing need for such applications along with a history filled with NLP advancements in the English language, the need for multilingual models is increasingly becoming more prevalent. Hence, this program combined with education and talent development pushes for more inclusive technologies, starting with the implementing the Emirati dialect in the NLP ecosystem. 

In this immersive program, participants will not only be developing a strong foundational ML and NLP knowledge base, but they will also be working alongside highly experienced scientists in the field. The inaugural phase of the program involves handpicked coursework design to enable a deeper understanding of key concepts in support of the eventual development of an Arabic diacritizer. Future phases of the program include using the diacritizer for building a speech synthesis system to tackle real-world applications, such as audiobooks and screen readers. Participants will ultimately build local capacity for driving the adoption and implementation of AI solutions in the UAE. 

aiXplain is supporting participants, eager to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life AI applications, by providing the infrastructure required to support their model development journey. Participation includes access to aiXplain’s unique set of powerful development tools such as; Designer, FineTuner, Automode, and Benchmarking features for understanding, supporting, and optimizing AI/ML model performance. Designer and FineTuner provide customizable data selection insights required for optimal baseline system re-training.

AutoMode, an AI-driven AutoML system, can be leveraged to ensure continuous performance optimizations, and aiXplain’s benchmarking tools provide detailed insights into optimal performance enhancement such as viability factoring, quality, latency, speed, footprint, cost, bias, and drift tracking. Through this collaboration, participants will enjoy the benefits of fully supported, expert-level, tools and mentorship across all of their creations. 

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