aiXplain was founded on June 30, 2022, based on a vision to deeply democratize AI. Driven by passion, and our commitment to responsible AI, we have learned, shared, and grown a lot. We are proud to be celebrating 2 years of aiXplain continuously developing a community where experts, and novices alike, can benefit from the power of AI.

Time has really flown by, and so much has happened since the birth of our endeavor…it’s hard to believe we’re only two, but we’ve learned a lot along the way.

Offering solutions informed by the extensive needs of our members, we continue to develop transformational tools so that they may easily conduct primary, and secondary research, buy, build, enhance, or optimize specialized AI capabilities, technologies, and services.

Here are some of the biggest highlights from this past year: 

1. Public Beta

We announced the release of our Public Beta, becoming the go-to source for our AI/ML development community for model development.

2. ACL 2022

We contributed to ACL 2022 Diversity & Inclusion efforts by providing multilingual access to conference paper titles, abstracts, and presentations. 

3. Launch of services

We launched a portfolio of services, including Benchmark, Designer, FineTuner, and AutoMode, enabling members in AI/ML model development.

4. Company Events

We hosted our first in-person “AI for All” events in the Bay Area, and Dubai, showcasing our services to the aiXplain community. 

Let’s talk numbers to highlight how much aiXplain has grown in the past two years:

  • In terms of our overall development, we have onboarded 35,268 models 
  • These models and services encompass 22 suppliers in our network
  • As services and tools have been added to aiXplain, we have gained 378 members
  • Today, we serve a total of 24 functions such as machine translation (MT), automatic speech recognition (ASR), speech synthesis, and more!
  • We have also contributed to 10 AI-industry events in different ways from sponsoring, speaking, demonstrating, and even contributing to the organization’s efforts. 
  • Our science team has contributed to the AI/ML research and development community with the submission and acceptance of 8 papers
  • This was all done thanks to the efforts of our diverse and growing team that now has 34 members from across 11 countries.

In celebration of our 2nd anniversary, we’d like to invite you to join the party, with our gift of 20 credits for all new members. You can use these credits to explore all of the new tools, features, and resources, with unlimited beta access for 30 days!

Join today!

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