aiXplain supports ACL’s 60-60 initiative, Diversity and Inclusion, with transformative multilingual access to ACL using AI-powered solutions. As ACL turns 60 this year, our team is helping to celebrate by enabling multilingual access to over 10K paper titles and abstracts in 60 languages. We believe that diversity drives innovation and would like to ensure that the future of AI reflects this. 

How did aiXplain provide support using AI? 

As a diverse group of individuals ourselves, based across the globe, our team was more than happy to join this initiative and make an impact in the AI/ML community. Mohamed Elbadrashiny led a team (Thiago Castro Ferreira, Lucas Pavanelli, Salaheddin Alzubi) in the execution of this project. 

To briefly sum it up, our team generated all the machine translations and their evaluations, cross-lingual CC and Voice Over. This was all done on using the aiXplain beta platform by leveraging technologies for MT/ASR/TTS from our growing community of suppliers, such as AWS, Azure, AppTek, ModernMT, and Google. 

As an ACL D&I sponsor, our team used our own infrastructure to transform a wide selection of ACL content into easily accessible multilingual content. By providing translation, dubbing, and subtitling services, our team is enabling access for members and researchers worldwide.

What is the value and impact behind this project?

Beyond the domain of enabling multilingual access, we are supporting the association in 

encouraging the AI community to work on the data provided this year to use as a baseline to develop NLP systems to be showcased in ACL 2023. Our team will be hosting this gathered data, along with providing our growing portfolio of expert-level tools for members to further drive the community in this objective. 


To put it simply, we have joined this effort as it aligns with our own vision of democratizing the AI space by making it more inclusive and diverse. Join the adventure.

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