Add emotion to your blogs with speech synthesis

Blogs are an excellent way to reach out to your customers and create a personal connection. However, the written word has the power to reach any reader on a personal level. You can control how you want your readers to feel by using the right vocabulary, imagery, and even punctuation. But, while these are all very effective ways to craft a personable piece of writing, where are the modern-day equivalents for the more advanced needs of bloggers?

Readers expect more than just informative content on blogs. They want an experience. They want to be engaged. They want to feel like you are talking to them. The perfect blog voice can help you build trust, establish credibility, and generate more leads.

The best blogs are interactive, creative, and emotional. They change the traditional style of “telling” readers your story by inviting them to “come” with you on the journey. Blogs with a voice seem more human to readers than blogs without one.

With current developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) especially in Natural Language Processing (NLP), new technologies emerge to give voice to any text using Text-To-Speech methods. Everyday new models are published for the use of customers. But how would you be able to use them? Here aiXplain comes in to rescue you. We constantly work to add these models in our catalog and let our customers make use of them with one click through our system. One of its many advantages is that it doesn’t require any technical skills or editing experience – all it takes is passion for writing! And let us voice your blog with the best technology available. 

What is Text-to-Speech? How Can it Help You Publish More Content Faster?

Text to Speech programs convert written text into audio in a synthesized voice. This is done by transforming the text into an audio file which can be uploaded, downloaded or streamed. Text-to-Speech programs are not yet flawless and they can result in a robotic sound when it’s not implemented correctly. However, we are here for you to find the best sound among hundreds of options.

History of Text-to-Speech

The very first thing that comes to people’s mind when they hear Speech Synthesis is Stephan Hawkin’s voice. This technology gave one of the most successful scientists of all time a voice since 1985. This voice was developed by Dennis Klatt who was a researcher in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He was manually setting parameters for the synthetic voice to be more like human sound back then. But this technology has come a long way since then. 

Hardware advancements and cloud computing solutions allow us to have far more natural voices. Now in aiXplain, we have hundreds of voices and models that you can select and make use of. 

Besides selecting among many voices available, you can even have your voice as an option. Did you know that you can even clone your voice and read your blogs without reading them? Recently Voice Cloning has been very popular and many big players in Speech Technology are getting involved. For example, Nvidia announced their Riva Custom Voice technology in NGC 2021. By cloning your voice, you will be able to deliver your content in a personalized way to your customers and readers. This certainly would help your blog to reach more people.

The Evolution of Blogging and How Synthetic Voice Technology Will Affect the Future of Blogging

Blogging is more than just a method of publishing information, it is an art. It is the way that some people choose to tell their story and share their message with the world. Unfortunately, it has also become more difficult for some people to do because of the limitations of text in reaching out to people.

Voice technology provides an opportunity for more people to get involved in blogging. A lot of people are already using synthetic voice technology on their blogs today by using services like Google Docs or Microsoft Word. This is because synthetic voice technology allows them to share their story in a more effective and emotional way. The next step in this evolution will be when artificial intelligence systems start generating blog content all on their own based solely on what they have been instructed with in a prompt or prompt-style sentence.

Artificial intelligence has disrupted the lives of many people across multiple industries. Voice technology is no exception, and it’s changing the way we blog. 

One reason why AI will be disrupting blogging  for this change is that the old population was not tech-savvy enough to embrace AI, but the current and next generations certainly are.  Another reason is that mobile devices  became an essential part of our lives and it  changed people’s preferences forever from reading to listening. Storytel would be the best example for this preference change. 

How Can aiXplain Help You?

If you would like to get better communication with your readers or to reach out more people to your blog contents, verifying your blogs would definitely help you. This will allow you to emotionally communicate while taking less time for a content consumer. But not only the words you used but the tone and the voice matters now, here at aiXplain, we provide you the best solutions available in the world. The number of companies that work on synthetic voice get more and more each day, but it is not easy to select the best option by yourself. But do not worry, we already deployed many of these models and still doing so, reach out to us for getting access to all of them through only one API endpoint. You will be able to change your voice and provider with one click while still having the same API and no infrastructure change needed. 

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