So, what’s next? This question is asked numerous times by family and friends wondering what your next steps are after college graduation. It is a question that you may or may not know how to answer. For myself, living in the bay area I knew that the tech industry is where I needed to be. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies allowed me to figure out that marketing is what I loved to do.

However, marketing in the tech industry is where I knew I would be able to showcase my educational experience and become successful. This is what started my hunt for a marketing internship in the tech industry. These days there are so many tech companies out there that the big question is which one do I choose to apply to. 

It was my last week of college and I was stressing about what I was going to do after graduation. I was applying to multiple jobs a day just hoping that someone would give a recent college graduate a chance in the big tech world. I came across this job application for artificial intelligence (AI) startup company called aiXplain.

Becoming an an AI Tech Intern

I had no idea what AI was but I read the AI Tech Intern job description and said this is me. I am hard-working, goal-oriented, motivated to learn, and interested in the tech industry. A couple of weeks have passed by and at this point, I’ve checked my email every day multiple times hoping that someone has gotten back to me for an interview. It was a Tuesday at 4:55 pm and I received my first email response from the aiXplain hiring team.

I was so excited not only because this was my first email response from the many jobs I applied to but also because I knew that with a startup company there’s lots of room to grow. The thought of learning about technology and marketing, and being a part of the growing success of a company was exciting. So after about two weeks of interviews, I was proud to say I landed my first job as a digital marketing intern at an AI tech company. So what is it like to work for an AI tech company and is it what I expected? 

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