• 3 Key factors product managers consider when searching for translation language services that aiXplain can help with. 

If you are a product manager, you probably face hardships when it comes to language translation such as cost, time, and quality. Maybe you work in industries such as film, media, or customer service and are looking to expand your projects within different languages to reach a more diverse audience. You may know about artificial intelligence and machine learning, but you may not have the skills to work with these tools internally. Here is how and why you should look for an AI/ML company like aiXplain. 

To understand the hype about how product managers can translate text to speech with AI/ML tools for translation language services, Karen Hao wrote an article on technologyreview.com and gave an overview of Google’s new automated translation system. She explained, 

“The new system, dubbed the Translatotron, has three components, all of which look at the speaker’s audio spectrogram—a visual snapshot of the frequencies used when the sound is playing, often called a voiceprint. The first component uses a neural network trained to map the audio spectrogram in the input language to the audio spectrogram in the output language. The second converts the spectrogram into an audio wave that can be played. The third component can then layer the original speaker’s vocal characteristics back into the final audio output.

Not only does this approach produce more nuanced translations by retaining important nonverbal cues, but, in theory, it should also minimize translation error because it reduces the task to fewer steps.

Translatotron is currently a proof of concept. During testing, the researchers trialed the system only with Spanish-to-English translation, which already took a lot of carefully curated training data. But audio outputs like the clip above demonstrate the potential for a commercial system later down the line. You can listen to more of them here.” 

Translation language services are progressing rapidly within the tech industry with the help of AI/ML tools. AI/ML language services provide ways that make it possible for a diverse audience to experience the same thing. Here is how and why aiXplain can offer translation language services that will benefit a product manager. 

Translate text to speech with AI/ML

1. X amount of translation services

Translation language services are a high demand in today’s society. There are several translation services offered at aiXplain. Text to speech translation, speech to text translation, and text to text translation. We use AI/ML solutions such as machine translation, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and more. We provide product managers with innovative tools to help expand your audience reach.

2. Customize solution

Product managers can build and customize their own AI solutions. We will help you customize your solution with the help of our many specialists; ML engineering, ML scientist, labeling, and human evaluation specialist. You will tell our aiXplain team what it is that you want translated and in what language. We will input that information into our system and output recommendations on which supplier would fit your needs best. You have control over choosing the languages, the voices, and the supplier that will create the solution for you. We set you up to shop for your needs in one place. 

3. Provides solutions such as cost, time, and quality

As we provide product managers with different suppliers to create their translation language services, we also keep in mind three major factors that product managers consider when choosing a supplier. The cost that product managers will pay, the time it will take to translate, and the quality of the translation. These are factors that help a product manager in the decision-making process. Once we recommend suppliers that can help with your translation needs you will be able to make decisions between them yourself based on these factors within minutes.  

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Source: https://www.technologyreview.com/2019/05/20/103054/google-ai-language-translation/

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