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How to acquire translation language services? Are you a product manager looking for Translation Language Services? As our world continues to bridge together and become more and more diverse, translation language services become more necessary. It is important for product managers to target diverse communities to continue to increase their sales. Translation language services are needed in industries such as media, film, customer service, hospitality, education, healthcare, travel industry, etc. These services can be produced through artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools. AI/ML tools are helping innovation in industries today. These tools are making jobs easier for product managers in ways such as cost, time, and quality. 

Here’s how to acquire translation language services.

According to an article on, Thomas Tracey mentioned that,

“To meet these needs, technology companies are investing heavily in machine translation. This investment and recent advancements in deep learning have yielded major improvements in translation quality. According to Google, switching to deep learning produced a 60% increase in translation accuracy compared to the phrase-based approach previously used in Google Translate. Today, Google and Microsoft can translate over 100 different languages and are approaching human-level accuracy for many of them.” In this article, he describes his project of creating a machine learning pipeline. The goal of his pipeline is to receive the highest quality of translation from the English language to the French language. To read the details on the process of his pipeline check out his article, Language Translation with RNNs

As Thomas Tracey mentioned, there are several tech companies offering translation language services. With this becoming an increasing demand within various industries, it is important to find the right company that fits your needs. As a product manager, you may be aware of AI/ML tools, however, you do not have the demands to create these tools yourself. One issue that product managers run into is finding a supplier that works with your needs. At aiXplain, there are several translation language services available including Machine Translation, Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, and more. Product managers input what they need to be translated and specify what languages they need it translated to and from. The aiXplain team also benchmarks suppliers for you based on priorities such as cost, speed, and quality. Our AI/ML tools help remove the barriers of comparing suppliers independently providing a one-stop solution. 

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