AI has always existed in the design industry, whether in the form of a new upgrade to the design tools or a simple logo or web design service. Here are 4 advantages of AI in the future of the design industry. With just one click, one can choose from various designs and create an automated logo design.

Services, like Canva, offer a variety of templates for designers to produce collaterals like posters, slide decks, icons, social media posts, etc. Platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Adobe portfolio allow users to design their websites easily. These tools aid designers in getting work done faster by giving a starting point from which they can build their designs or process a certain quantity of information. Thus, AI provides several advantages that will serve as prospects for the design industry.

Here are the 4 advantages of AI in the future of the design industry

1. Automation of routine tasks

There are several routine tasks—such as grid alignment, consistent typography, adjusting contrast ratios—that a designer has to perform repetitively. These tasks can be easily automated such that designers can focus on more creative components of their projects. AutoDraw is one such software that helps you draw objects automatically in just a few strokes using Machine Learning algorithms. Another example is the Grid which uses AI to automate the web design process. It helps designers to create a basic website using client requirements which the designers can develop further.

2. Accessibility through cloud

Previously, designers were limited to their personal computers to design their projects because they had all their resources in one place. It was challenging to move high volumes of data across devices, but the cloud has made it very accessible, and now they can access their files from anywhere and work from any place.

3. Precision

No matter how precise a human tries to be, there is always the possibility of human error. AI can solve these imprecisions such as alignment issues, detection of uniformity in spaces, colors, and type. AI tools like “Let’s Enhance” help improve the image quality while allowing the user to resize images without compromising the quality. 

4. New opportunities

New tools can bring new opportunities. In the old days, people used pen, colors, and paper to create designs. With the introduction of computer and design software along with new tools like graphic tablets, designers adapted their skill sets to match existing technology. Similarly, new tools will only generate a unique set of skills that are in synchrony with the existing 4 advantages of AI technology and newer opportunities.

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