As I finished up my second year of college, I knew I wanted to start getting experience in the real world. I sat through countless marketing classes learning concepts and reading about business case studies, but getting to work alongside a company with products that I directly worked on would be something completely different. Because of this, I wanted to work at a place where I could apply what I have learned in my classes and make meaningful contributions.

After hours of seemingly never-ending research, one particular industry stuck out to me: AI. To me, AI, other than the fact that it had something to do with Google Translate and chatbots, and that it is a rapidly growing field of technology, was something I was rather unfamiliar with. 

Then, I found aiXplain. While others may hold a stigma around startups, that was one factor that actually intrigued me more into this role. I wanted my first internship to be with a small, close-knit community where I wouldn’t be afraid to ask questions or speak up, allowing me to grow alongside peers while directly seeing the impacts of my efforts towards the company’s goals. With this came the idea that I would be able to have the first-hand experience within the realm of product marketing — following the full process of creating, developing, and introducing a new product to the market. 

While the first week was overwhelming in the sense that I was jumping into a fast-paced, high-energy environment and an already-in-full-motion process, it pushed me to learn about the company faster, allowing me to contribute to and give my insights during meetings earlier on. One of my first tasks was to research and write about AI and our products — this would not only help me clearly understand AI as a whole along with its various applications but also shift my mindset into that of a marketer, learning the terminology and being updated with the most recent news and findings. 

Overall, having looked back on my first week, I know that I have chosen the right company. I have learned that an internship should not only be somewhere you simply work — it should be a program that guides and mentors you through the complexity of whatever field you may be working in. After all, the purpose of an internship is to gain real-world experience, which is only possible with respectable mentors in the field with favorable business opportunities. This being said, although I still have much to learn about, I look forward to working with aiXplain and seeing what both the company and I accomplish in the time being.

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