Are you a media creator? Are you looking for a fast and affordable way to subtitle your projects and videos? This is my story on how aiXplain helps subtitle your projects and videos through AI/ML technology.

Before I joined aiXplain or even knew about aiXplain, I was a social media coordinator for a small acupuncture company. My role was to create content such as videos, blogs, social media posts, and more. I would use smaller platforms to create my videos such as InShot. It was free and easy to use that allowed me to create more content in less time. Our goal was to create a community that wasn’t opposed to a holistic approach to medicine, however, without being able to translate subtitles for other languages it was a challenge to reach our goal.

Living in the Bay Area (one of the most diverse areas) it is important to be able to communicate to different cultures. We would have needed to hire someone who was fluent in writing other languages. That would have meant more money and time on our end to find a person for several different languages. 

Now that I am at aiXplain, I am able to reach a wider range of my community through the help of AI/ML solutions. aiXplain offers services such as speech to text and text to speech translation. The great thing about working with aiXplain, is you have complete control over your translating process. You can modify it, intercept it and come up with a different model to translate it into another language. These solutions are provided at an affordable price and generated within minutes. 

See how aiXplain can help you expand with affordable, simple, and fast AI/ML solutions! 

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