Artificial Intelligence is taking over another industry by offering artificial intelligence in your kitchen as innovative solutions that consumers can rely on. From our cell phones to our homes, we are increasingly surrounded by smart technology. And your home kitchen is next! There are many companies already working towards finding AI solutions to solve your kitchen needs.

When cooking dinner, do you ever run out of ideas on what to make? Have you ever had trouble figuring out what to make with the ingredients present in your fridge? Or are you just craving new exciting flavors?

Many consumers share these similar sentiments. But the answer is simple. It is AI!

Here is how you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence in your kitchen?

1. Generating recipes

Firstly, artificial intelligence in your kitchen along with machine learning can generate recipes. AI solutions can analyze pictures of your favorite dishes and tell you exactly how to make it. Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well, it’s true! For instance, Facebook AI has come up with this image-to-recipe generation system that can reverse engineer a dish.

This solution will provide all the essential information like the name of the dish, ingredients and cooking instructions. So, if you ever come across a dish on social media that you want to recreate, this method can easily give you a recipe.

It is truly revolutionary as it goes beyond the visuals of an image and provides information that demands a high level of reasoning and knowledge. The system relies on two neural networks where one identifies the ingredients and the other formulates the recipe. 

2. Making meals by analyzing ingredients in your fridge

Another area is where artificial intelligence in your kitchen is taking over is in refrigerators available on the market that can do this job. For example, Samsung has developed Food AI which is a platform for their smart refrigerator powered by artificial intelligence.

It is a simple yet innovative system that relies on a camera to identify the ingredients present inside the refrigerator. Then, this visual data helps in making a range of recommendations to users. The solution goes a step further by giving users the ability to input dietary restrictions and capable of making recommendations for dishes based on seasonal ingredients and weather as well.

Although it makes cooking easier, it serves a great purpose as well. Food AI can help prevent wastage of food and save money making your home kitchen efficient. Another plus is that it introduces you to new foods that users would not cook otherwise. 

3. Creating new and exciting flavors with science

In addition, companies are introducing new and exciting flavors to consumers by leveraging artificial intelligence. After nearly four years in the making, McCormick and IBM are collaborating in this development in coming up with unique combinations of spices, herbs, mixes and seasonings to introduce to the market.

This system is drawing hundreds of data points from McCormick’s years of proprietary sensory science and flavor data to provide solutions. As a result, it is able to generate potential flavor combinations for the company to ultimately launch as products.

It is another innovative use of AI that is not at all hindering creativity but boosting it. By serving as a resource, solutions like these are opening doors to new flavors and tastes. 

What are some of the key takeaways?

So we always hear about AI applications being leveraged at company levels, however, we rarely hear about the consumer experience. In essence, in the world of AI, one question always remains: how can consumers use AI solutions to help them be more efficient in their daily lives?

As we know, companies operating in the food and beverage industry all over the world are using AI-powered solutions behind the scenes to bring artificial intelligence in your kitchen. At the same time, out of these companies, many are investing into ways to make things better for the average consumer. It is just the beginning!

There are more exciting innovations to come as more progress is made with artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions.

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